Celine Claire

50 Ways To Make Him Miss You - 2-How To Make Him Want You

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Men tend to prefer women who make them feel great about themselves. Explained in this e-book are the 50 ways to make him want you;
Tip number one. Ensure that you have an attractive appearance
Men are naturally visual. They want to feel attracted to a potential partner. Once you invest in improving your appearance, your man gets signals that; you respect yourself, appreciate the importance of presentation, have your unique style/look, and take care of yourself physically. You are what you wear. What you wear exposes a lot about your self-worth and value to your man.

Tip number two. Make him feel acknowledged and well-received
Understand that men want women to know about their worlds and accomplishments. If you’re at a party or social gathering and he’s expressing his opinion on matters on anything social, political, economic, and environmental, try to supplement in support of his views. Men LOVE it when you understand and acknowledge their points of view.

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