Teri Blake

Tidewater Summer

USA Today Bestselling author Teri Blake brings you a sweet story of healing from separation.

The start of something new…

…shouldn’t have to come at the expense of everything old.

Will Karla be able to start her B&B before her husband yanks that away?

Karla grew up visiting Driftwood Bay and the home that is now her family home. Her fondest memories are on the beach and in house. Now she wants to pass those memories on to a new generation. As she makes her plan, .her husband works hard to steal her dreams

He takes her money.

He gives their kids gifts as bribes.

Just as she’s about to give up, Karla’s sister’s arrive to help, but they have secrets of their own. With Karla’s life turned upside down, none of them are willing to share their burdens with her. A land developer arrives as a final push to help her finish her tasks…

…maybe, she’ll actually get to realize this dream?

In this quaint town, where family comes first, neighbors look out for each other, and old wounds run deep, four sisters try to forge a new business and figure out who they are as a group again. But will time run out before the eviction notice comes?

Can Karla find her voice?

You’ll adore this sister saga, because their struggle rings true for so many. You just might find your own strength as they look for their own.

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