Barbara Cameron

Eco Friendly: The Utlimate Guide to Green Living

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Are you someone who is concerned about the planet and wants to live an eco-friendly life?
Do you know how you would achieve it?
Would you need help and advice getting started with the basics?
As we become more aware of critical issues that have an impact on our planet, such as global warming, the ozone layer and the decline of the rainforest, many people are seeking more environmentally-friendly ways of living. Homes, cars, food and plastics are all things we can make positive contributions with.
And now, with Eco Friendly: The Ultimate Guide to Green Living, you have a resource which helps you make the transition into an eco-friendlier lifestyle, with chapters on:
- Why Is It Important?
- Recycling
- Water
- Your Home
- Food - Getting Green and Getting Healthy
- Clothing
Leaving a mess for following generations is no longer an option. It is important that we must act now if we are to preserve anything for our children and grandchildren. And with Eco Friendly: The Ultimate Guide to Green Living, you can make your own small difference.
Get a copy today and do your bit to save the planet!
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