David Allen,Brian Shaul

Emotionally Bulletproof - Scott's Story

Even on the other side of the world, Scott Calloway cannot escape his past.
Scott Calloway, a missionary, wants nothing more than to stay in the Marshall Islands. Surrounded by warm sandy beaches, palm trees, and fellow believers - the islands are the only place he doesn’t feel alone.
However, after a recent shipwreck, and Scott nearly dying in a shark-fishing accident, the politically-minded mission leaders force him to leave.
On his way home to Alaska, Scott discovers the truth of what happened to his uncle Matthew, the only other Christian in his family. He also discovers the three keys to trust, and agonizes over whether to confront his family about what happened.
Regardless of what he decides, those responsible for his uncle’s death may still end up destroying his dysfunctional family from the inside-out.
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David Allen
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