B.E. Baker

The Vow

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Three stubborn women, each of which made a promise. Who will yield, and who will break?

Abigail made a vow to her husband before he passed, one she could not, would not break. But life hasn’t been easy without him by her side, and her children grow more with each passing day. Sometimes it feels like she’ll be alone forever.

Amanda's tired of being a mess. She wants to achieve, to impress, to excel. If that means changing who she is, even changing her entire life, then so be it.

Donna has learned the truth about the world the hard way. You either attack, or you’re attacked yourself. She doesn’t like being the villain, but she’s done being a patsy. She's determined to carve out a place for herself, no matter what.

These women have all returned to Birch Creek with big plans, but the future loves to surprise us. Can their vows keep them on target? Or will they decide it’s more important to follow their hearts, no matter how bad the fallout?
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