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The robotics is the term used for the study of the science robots. The robots were developed by the humans as a measure to create a helping hand for themselves that would make the work easy and would require less time for its completion with great accuracy and precision. As a result, keeping in mind all the benefits that it provides, the emergence of robots was first seen in the mid twentieth century.
A robot is manufactured with expertise in fields of science, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, mathematics, computing as well as biology, chemistry and medicine in the rarest cases. Therefore, the construction of robots is considered to be a multidisciplinary approach.
Artificial Intelligence also known as the machine intelligence. The designed robots are engineered with Artificial Intelligence which gives them the ability to exhibit human-like behaviour. The main aim of the artificial intelligence was to recreate the human intelligence. Currently through use face recognition and voice assistant, artificial intelligence is being utilised.
With all the benefits that they provide and keeping in mind their capability, the robots are considered to be one of the greatest inventions on earth by man.
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