M.L. Ronn

Be a Writing Machine

The no-nonsense, no BS guide to becoming a prolific author!
Do you want to write a lot of novels, but can't improve your writing speed?
Writing fast is the most important skill you can develop as a writer. While it seems hard to hit high word counts, the secrets are easier than you think.
In this writer's guide, prolific author M.L. Ronn pulls back the curtain on the process that he uses to write 6-8 novels a year. He has kept this pace while juggling responsibilities as a husband, father, manager at a Fortune 100 company, and a law school student. The result is a catalogue of over 40 books and counting.
Create a writing habit that suits your lifestyleUse writing apps on your phone to double your word countLearn strategies to beat writer's block foreverDiscover how to write smarter by using unorthodox strategies used by the mastersThis book is the only thing standing between you and your writing dreams. Write faster, write smarter, beat writer's block, and be the prolific author you've always wanted to be!
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