Mary G. Lewis

Agile Project Management

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Agile is an alternative methodology to traditional project management and is used in a wide range of applications.
A huge demand for agile project management rose in the marketplace a few years back when it emerged, with an urgency to adopt it as soon as possible for those organisations which used it as a test and were successful at achieving their projects more effectively than their competitors.
Agile Project Management is an effective and efficient strategy a company can use in managing its projects. It is part of the agile philosophy, which became popular in the IT industry. However, agile is not only for IT projects because it is a philosophy applicable to all industries.
People who want to learn about Agile.
Beginners, people without any Agile experience or knowledge.
You should be interested in project delivery or management and working within some type of project using Agile practices.
What Is Agile Project Management?History of agile project managementTools for Agile Project ManagementDifference Between Agile Project Management and Traditional Project Management?Who is Involved in Agile Project Management?Adopting Agile Project ManagementBenefits of Agile project in an OrganisationHow to Lead an Agile Project TeamHow to Track the agile Project?Tips for Having Success with Agile Project Management
Mary G. Lewis
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