Jacob Michael

How to Train Your Dog like a Pro

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They say if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he’s going to eat for a lifetime. This book is going to teach you all the techniques you need to know to train your dog for a lifetime. Ranging from basic training to more complicated commands, this book opens doors to advanced behaviors.

If your dog barks at the mailman, chases someone down, chews up your shoes, lies on the couch, or if there’s any dog behavior you want to reinforce or change, you’ll soon discover powerful techniques that will win them over to your side. Most people think it’s okay to scold their dog or shame them for undesired behavior; some think this is the only way. But what if there’s a better way—a non-negative approach to train your dog?
In this step-by-step book on how to train your dog, you’ll discover all the secrets to training your dog to break bad habits without breaking their spirit. You’ll learn how to train with positive reinforcement, assess your dog, and be able to catch bad behavior and prevent it from happening. The chapters are twofold which will help you learn reward-based training and discourage bad behavior to instill good behavior.

Regardless of whether you have a dog that’s biting, barking, chewing, or chasing, this book will bring out the best trainer in you and help you turn your furry friend into the best dog.
At the end of the book you’ll know how to teach your dog obedience actions and get the desired behavior from them. You’ll understand the complicated world of dog behavior, fundamentals of communication, and how to build a strong foundation with the principles of dog training. You’ll know how dogs act, connect, and react, and you’ll open doors to better interactions with an entirely new world of trust between both you and your dog.
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