Madeline Larson

Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook

This book aims to provide basic information and Keto-based recipes that will help you live a life where you are not inadvertently increasing inflammation in your body. It was written to increase your overall wellbeing and help you kickstart a new lifestyle and diet that supports reducing inflammation and preventing further inflammation.
Inflammation is a common culprit when examining the causes and effects of a variety of medical issues. Unfortunately, many of the foods we eat daily contain ingredients and chemicals that trigger inflammation and can make the symptoms of various diseases and syndromes worse.
It’s important to remember that taking control of your lifestyle is the first step in improving your health. You will soon see how to remedy these issues using your new book of recipes. Be the envy of the neighborhood and throw a party to show off your new way of eating today and enjoy your new Ketogenic Diet. These are just a few of the topics you will learn more about in the Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook.
You will learn many new ways to enjoy tons of new ketogenic meals with a full 30-Day Diet Plan. No worries for you as a beginner; each recipe fully explains the process involved in the preparation of your new delicious meals and snacks. You will surely have everything you need to make delicious meals that you can enjoy without worrying about whether they will trigger your inflammation symptoms or not.
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