Bernard Hayes

African Mythology

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This book is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses that the people on the African continent worshiped, and within the pages, you will find more information about:
Background facts about African culture, such as art, foods, and traditionsThe most amazing and controversial African mythsThe top 10 infamous mythical legends and folklore from the African continentAn extensive list of African gods and goddessesThe great story of "Hlakanyana the Cunning"The dramatic legend of Anansi, the spider, the trickster, and spirit of knowledge in African mythologyBeautiful baby names derived from African mythologyCrazy myths about African vampires African mythology is intricate, complex, and the ideals behind some of their mythological beliefs were often intertwined with actual events. This book examines how both myth and fact contributed to the culture and traditions of the African people and how these influences and some stories continue to live on throughout the centuries.
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