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All Glories To Sri Krsna Mystical Stories Of The Vedas

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"I request you take advantage of this book and enter into its understanding. Please make an appointment to meet your God now, through the self-liberating process of Yoga." George Harrison

This amazing audiobook tells the story of Krsna's life from the Srimad-Bhagavatam, the summit of the ancient Vedas of India. It is presented as a collection of beautiful short stories forming a biography of the life of Krsna, who was present in India five thousand years ago.

The stories develop from Krsna's birth to His childhood and youth. Krsna plays with His boyfriends in the forest while looking after the cows and calves and incidentally, He kills so many demons. On some full-moon nights, He dances with Radha and His beautiful girlfriends, the gopis in the rasa lila.

Since time immemorial, yogis have sought even a momentary vision of Krsna, Sri Krsna descended to earth from his transcendental abode five thousand years ago and revealed His eternal spiritual pastimes. The sage Vyasadeva carefully recorded those pastimes in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Here is the summary study of the Bhagavatam's essence, the tenth Canto, and is the first comprehensive exposition in English of those extraordinary events. These stories transport the reader from the mundane on a miraculous journey to a transcendental realm beyond space and time where everything and everyone lives in the blissful light of the eternal transcendental youth, Sri Krsna, the ultimate object of knowledge.

The Vedas are a 5000-year-old esoteric, intriguing, mystical body of work that carries within it the seed of divine, transcendental knowledge. We live in a world wherein yoga now reigns supreme as the preferred, go-to method of modern spiritual realization, and this unique, exclusive, audio presentation by Sripad Jagannatha Dasa paves the way for a clearer, more meaningful understanding of the powerful, enlightening yoga system. A must-have audio experience for all practitioners of yoga,
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