Zachary Phillips

can't quite express

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Can’t Quite Express is a 6500+ word epic poem.
Part expression,
Part confession,
Part question.
It is an intimate look at the impact of mental illness, trauma, and neglect. A critical dissection of the interconnected roles that family, religion, society, education, and government play, as well as their impacts upon an individual. A commentary on current affairs, historical trends, and the bleak potential of our collective future.
Can’t Quite Express is also both an example of, and an encouragement for, writing therapy.
It will show you how to use writing to heal, and then encourage you to pick up a pen and begin for yourself.
The page listens.
It doesn’t judge.
It has a perfect memory but can be easily discarded.
It is always available, always accepting, always there.
Can’t Quite Express will move you to contemplate, introspect and act. It will leave a mark. One that will reverberate into your future through your words, actions, relationships, and writing.

“There are things I want to say
But just can't quite express
Ruminations and meditations
I'm too afraid to address
Like the veil over my eyes
That keeps me hidden from the stress
To the dark wishes
I'm fighting to suppress
Like the fear and anxiety
That I will constantly transgress
To the past expressions
I am never going to confess
Like how everything I do
Gives me nothing but duress
To the unwavering ache and torment
That’s causing me to regress
I must profess
I desire to express my stress
Confess to address this abscess
To obsess on happiness
To aim for excess
And to stop living like such a mess
I want to make progress
But there are just some things I can't quite express”
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