John Brown

The Doctor Sebi Diet

Are you following a plant-based diet or are you thinking about changing to one soon?
Do you want to lose weight and feel great?
An alkaline diet may well be the answer for you!
Millions of people want to lose weight and do so for a plethora of reasons from becoming healthier to looking great on the beach. For that reason, millions decide to diet every year, and many find success with their chosen program. But for the vast majority there is no fairy-tale ending and the weight is quickly regained. Often, this is because the chosen diet is unsuitable.
In this audiobook, Doctor Sebi Diet, there is a new concept in weight loss that follows an alkaline diet, and which details the principles behind it in chapters that cover:

How to start a whole-food, plant-based dietDr Sebi approved foodsFood you should avoid eatingThe impact of excessive acidity in the food we eatHow an alkaline diet results in weight loss84 amazingly easy recipes to tryBuilding up to an alkaline dietEating plans to followAnd more....With the help of this audiobook you could not only transform your eating habits, change to a plant-based diet, and lose weight, but you could be healthier and happier as a result too.
If that sounds like something you could do with in your life, buy this sensational audiobook now!
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John Brown
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