Lainey Davis

The Midwife and the Money (Oak Creek Book 3)

Meet the Crawfords: Brilliant in business, lousy at love.
Archer Crawford feels like a goof in a family of overachievers. Sure, he’s a successful accountant, but he’s the only accountant in the small town of Oak Creek.
He’s also the guy women turn to when they’re looking for something temporary. Like Opal Whittaker, the local midwife.
Opal had an itch and thought Archer was just the man to scratch it. No strings. No expectations. Just knocking boots.
Only problem? She can’t get the level-headed accountant out of her head. He was just supposed to take her mind off things for a little while. So why can't she stop thinking about him?
Archer is sick of being the Crawford who makes questionable decisions. He wants people to expect more from him and he’s not going to let a rendezvous with a skunk or a grouchy cat get in the way of him winning Opal’s heart.
Will she ever think of him as anything more than a fling?
Cascade is the third book of the Oak Creek series. If you like small-town characters, a family who won't butt out, and scorching hot love scenes, then you’ll devour this laugh-out-loud romance by Lainey Davis. Buy it today and fall in love with Oak Creek. (Please note: the ebook and paperback were re-titled The Midwife and the Money)
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Lainey Davis


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