Our future is in jeopardy and our gifted children are our best hope for solving the myriad problems humanity faces. Within the gifted world is a large population of children whose giftedness remains unrecognized and undeveloped because they are also diagnosed with one or more developmental or learning disorders. These children are known as Twice Exceptional (or 2e)individuals who are gifted and also have a physical or mental impairment.  In some cases, a childs disability masks his giftedness, causing educators and other adults in the childs life to focus on his weaknesses rather than developing his talents.  In other cases, a childs giftedness can mask her disability, meaning she wont receive the special education services that could help her manage and possibly overcome her disability.  This misperception impacts 2e children because they remain trapped in a never-ending cycle of chasing a diagnosis to explain their weaknesses instead of having the world recognize and cultivate the tremendous gifts they have to offer.  Today's 2e kids are our next Albert Einsteins, Isaac Newtons, and Bill Gatesesand we need to find them and nurture their enormous talents.  Bright Not Broken shows readers how to  identify a twice-exceptional child  understand these misunderstood kidsand comprehend why it can be such a labyrinth to get a correct diagnosis  support 2e kids success at school and at home
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