Jeff Leighton

101 Real Estate Tips For Buying A House

Discover the tips and tactics you need when buying a house. This is a blueprint for buying your home.
If you are in the market for buying a house and you want to get a great deal, then this audiobook will show you exactly how to do that.
Learn the elements of a good real estate deal.
In 101 Real Estate Tips for Buying a House, you'll have countless real-life examples, broken down in the most practical and straightforward way possible. Through almost a decade of being an active real estate agent and investor, I have learned consistent patterns in home buying that can lead you to very predictable outcomes.
In other words, there are proven tips, tactics, and strategies that can ensure you get a great deal when buying a house.
Learn why conventional real estate advice is flat-out wrong.
This audiobook is an in-depth look at what works in the real world and removes all the hype that you might see on TV or elsewhere.
In this audiobook, you’ll discover:
How to find the perfect homeThe top three ways to win bidding wars without overpayingHow many houses you should look at before buying a propertyThe most common real estate mistakes first time home buyers makeHow to know if you found the right real estate agentAnd much moreBuying a house is the largest investment of your life.
Home buying gives you a sense of accomplishment and is also a great wealth-building tool when done correctly. There are countless pitfalls along the way for the first-time home buyer, and you need to have every possible advantage going your way when buying a house.
The experience and tips you will learn in this audiobook will ensure you get a great deal when buying a house. This guide will give you the edge over other home buyers out there.
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Jeff Leighton
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