Eliza Toska

Murders in Hollywood

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When you think of Hollywood, you picture glamour, celebrities and an abundance of sunshine. The Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Chinese Theatre help make up the opulent attractions. LA is known for the iconic Hollywood sign, the rich diversity of the city, and… murder, obsession, and lies?

Los Angeles is an attractive place to be, particularly if you have dreams of being a movie star. However, there is a darker side to Hollywood - one filled with seediness, jealousy, and as laid out in the true stories within this book, an overwhelming lust for power and murder.

I'll take you on a macabre tour of LA in this book. We'll head to Leimert Park where Elizabeth Short's body was dumped after it was cut in half and her face was disfigured. We'll also visit Wonderland Avenue, where four people were killed in the drug house belonging to the well-known Wonderland Gang. We will also take a hike in the vast, rolling hills, where the Hillside Stranglers dumped their victims after horrifically torturing them. I'll delve into some of the most horrific and shocking cases of murder in the idylic, mirage-like setting of the Hollywood Hills. In these nine tales of terror in tinseltown, you'll also read about:

The Pin Up: A former pin-up was brutally murdered by the same person who'd encouraged her to pursue a career in Hollywood. A tragic tale of jealousy and possessiveness turned fatal.

The Hollywood Ripper: A callous killer with a penchant for lurking in the shadows and stalking women who certainly earned the moniker 'The Hollywood Ripper'.

The Son of a Hollywood Icon: One of Old Hollywood's leading men, who led a storied life, had a son who would go on to live an even more headline-grabbing life - albeit for all the wrong reasons.

The Sinister Photographer: A terrifying tale of how a renowned LA photographer harboured intense feelings of hatred toward one woman - and acted upon them in the most horrific way.
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