James Russell

The Dragon Defenders - Book Two

The Dragon Defenders series is a best-selling, rip-roaring, page-turning series of dragons and their brave child guardians.
Evil boss The Pitbull has wasted nine months waiting for the dragon’s egg he stole from Flynn and Paddy’s paradise island to hatch. But when he discovers it’s nothing more than an egg-shaped rock, he flies into a terrible rage and returns, hell-bent on revenge. How will Flynn and Paddy ever be able to stop him this time?

“Filled with action, wonderfully written, and contains positive messages about teamwork, courage, and sticking up for others. A rollicking adventure!”
Antony Millen, author

"A modern-day Famous Five... parents and children alike will love it!"
Angela Travers, Unity Books

“Another thrilling tale!”
Rachel Eade, Scorpio Books, Radio NZ critic

“Amazing! Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop!”
Jarvis Skilling, aged 10

“So exciting!”
Liam Harvey, age 9

“Unputdownable! We can't wait for the next one!"
Dylan and Luie Townsend, age 8

“Can’t wait ’til it’s a movie!”
James Charlesworth, age 11

“A great book!”
Caleb Woodfield, age 9
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