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239: How to Bring Out the Best in Those You Lead and Love with Jesse Levine

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Jesse Levine was my first mentor, and it’s safe to say that his impact on my life has been as crucial to my success as that of any other person. In fact, when people ask me who I attribute my mindset or my success to, I always say, “It’s half mom and dad, and half Jesse.
We met when I was 19, and Jesse was 23. He was my manager at Cutco—the #1 manager in the 50-year history of the company—and he didn’t just help me break national sales records, he helped me to fulfill my potential in ways I never even knew existed.
With a combination of vision, talent, and high standards, Jesse brings out the best in people consistently. His enthusiasm is contagious, and as a serial entrepreneur, he brings it to every single project he takes on.
Today, Jesse joins the podcast to share a few fun stories from our time at Cutco, including how he reached goals seen as impossible by managers 10+ years older than he was when he reached them, how to get highly talented people to buy into your vision, and how he makes things happen that have never been done before.


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