Edward Becker

How to Analyze People: Understanding the Human Mind, Psychology, Behavior and Body Language

How do you properly analyze people?Ever struggled to tell whether or not you understood someone's intentions correctly? Just when you start thinking you've got it right, you are proven to be completely wrong. Often times embarrassingly wrong?
Don't worry, we've all been through that. It's very common nowadays. I'm here to tell you that with this audiobook you'll learn everything you need to start analyzing other people. Understanding others as well as yourself better is the key to successful interactions. Did you know that most of our social interaction is nonverbal? That's right. The words are just a small part of a bigger whole. Being able to pick clues of other people's intentions is a crucial skill to learn. It grants benefits to many different areas of your life.

Here are some of the main ideas you'll discover:
The keys to analyzing peopleBenefits of analyzing peopleBasics on emotions & human psychologyHow the mind works and why we do what we doHow to understand yourselfBody language
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Edward Becker


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