Borut Lesjak

One Moon Present Breathwork Meditation

Does negativity rule your life? Discover a transformational approach to reclaiming joy, peace, and love.Stuck in an endless cycle of despair? Feeling blocked at every turn? Can’t seem to find the light in your day? Experienced healer, teacher, and author Borut Lesjak has spent over twenty years helping clients overcome tough situations and find their way back to hope. Now he’s here to share his straight-to-the-point suite of tools to heal those deep wounds in less than one month.
One Moon Present Breathwork Meditation is an intuitively guided, powerful breathwork meditation recording for your regular, dedicated healing practice. By following Lesjak’s grounded daily plan and learning to stay in the moment with this highly practical approach, you’ll soon feel the fog clearing. And as your own truth becomes clearer with each day, any anger, sadness, and hurt will evaporate in favor of a potent sense of feeling in charge of your own destiny.
Working steadily with One Moon Present Breathwork Meditation will help you:
Get your chi energy and juices flowing to rekindle your happinessOpen your heart and all other chakras to feel present and strong againGently touch and release your stuck emotions to start changing your lifeFace your shadows, embrace your wounded inner child, and get ready to take on any challengeAddress your past, inherited, or collective traumas, and much, much more!One Moon Present Breathwork Meditation is a pragmatic resource packed with a no-nonsense intent to assist you in recovering your wellbeing. A companion to the in-depth Love Yourself Through book and meditation series, if you like structured roadmaps and concrete tactics all wrapped in a loving methodology, you’ll adore Borut Lesjak’s straight-from-the-heart toolbox.
Get One Moon Present Breathwork Meditation to begin your transformation today!
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