Gregory Acuna

The Balkan Network

In this intriguing, techno-spy thriller is is March 1999 and a NATO air armada is ready to strike strategic targets in Belgrade.
But the end of the Cold War has taken its toll on human intelligence in the Balkans. The CIA is unable to come up with the assets to support a war effort, so it seeks assistance from the Defense Intelligence Agency.
A U.S. Undersecretary of Defense, along with a former, aging OSS operative, select a team of covert operators to insert into Serbia to help rescue downed NATO airmen and provide tactical intelligence to commanders.
The of the operators, Navy Lieutenant Commander Karol Koskov and Air Force Major Dan Radivich, help rescue a downed F-117 pilot and discover Serbian military secrets that could change the outcome of the war.
Constantely pursued by enemy forces, the two desperately rush to get this information out of Serbia before it's too late.
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Gregory Acuna


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