Awaken Your Inner Hero, Victor Hugo Manzanilla
Victor Hugo Manzanilla

Awaken Your Inner Hero

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Live the story of your life at the highest level. If you received an unexpected call to make a film about your life, would it be a captivating film, full of risk, battles, and victory? Or would it be one of those films where people leave the theater before it’s finished? We’ve all heard great stories about famous heroes, those men and women who have gone down in history having made a difference. But what might be said about your life? Could you make it into one of those great stories? Awaken Your Inner Hero is a call to adventure, to get out of your comfort zone and take the kind of risks that will lead you to radically change the way you are living your life. Based on the “hero’s journey” and on universal principles that have been used by poets, writers, and directors to create great stories, the author unveils seven steps that will help you make your deepest desires come true and develop a story worth telling. You will discover life has great things waiting for you, if you are bold enough to go after them.
Beyond the routine of the day-to-day, there is a longing within you that motivates you to give everything inside of you to fulfill a purpose, to immerse yourself in your own story, to live your life with success and meaning, to awaken your inner hero.
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Данил Виноградов
Данил Виноградовshared an impression4 months ago
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How was this nonsense published I wonder. This book is totally derivative. The author has no original thoughts. The book is also full of logical mistakes, some parts are just wrong.

mashhhapilipenkoshared an impression6 months ago

There seems to be a problem with this version - it stops playing halfway through Chapter 5 and goes back to Chapter 1. Such a shame as the book is really interesting.

Ana Laura
Ana Laurashared an impressionlast month
👍Worth reading

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Awaken Your Inner Hero, Victor Hugo Manzanilla
Awaken Your Inner Hero
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