David Feldspar

Text Analytics

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Words and texts are powerful, and you will be given the means to analyze them.

In a time when everyone is trying to advertise online and offline, the meaning people attach to a word can be significant. With all the unstructured data out there, and the guidance we need to take texts apart and look at them from a logical perspective, analyzing skills have become mandatory to any individual working in marketing, text content creation, or otherwise. In this guide, you will learn:

How to decode terminology and apply practical data models to analyze words more effectivelyClustering and factor analysis strategies to understand what is really being saidClassification and the other basic skills you need to understand to get to the next level of comprehensionBayes nets, networks, text mining, and software that can help you do soDefect prediction model principles and applications to businessesRegression analytics basics
Apply the concepts and proven methods that will aid you in your word analysis journey by learning what experts have used and have discovered to be useful to anyone who tries to understand text better.
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