Mari Silva

Kabbalistic Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to Hebrew Astrology for Beginners, Ancient Jewish Mysticism, Zodiac Signs, Interpreting Your Kabbalah Natal Chart, and Qabalistic Tarot Reading

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Everything you need to know about the ancient form of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah and the divinatory practice of astrology.
Are you someone who wants to know more about esoteric knowledge?
Do you wish to gain insight into the personality and characteristics of yourself or others?
Have you ever wished to better understand how zodiac signs and natal charts worked?
Would you like to learn to read Tarot cards for insight into the past, present, and future?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this guide is perfect for you.
This audiobook will teach you what Kabbalah is and dives into its history for a better understanding of the way this form of mysticism fits into the Jewish religion and culture. You will learn about how astrology fits into Kabbalist beliefs, including the interpretation of natal charts and zodiac signs. There is also an in-depth guide on reading Qabalistic Tarot cards to gain insight into every facet of your life and destiny.
In this audiobook, you will:
Learn how to read Kabbalah natal chartsGet instructions on how to interpret Qabalistic Tarot cardsDiscover the secrets of Jewish mysticismLearn about the Kabbalistic Tree of LifeUnderstand the historical and present-day forms of KabbalahFind out how astrology works in conjunction with KabbalahLearn how to read Kabbalistic Tarot cardsThe major touchstones of Kabbalah include the Zohar, which explores the mystical side of Judaism, and the Hebrew Bible, which is key to understanding how it fits into the development of religious scholarship. If you are someone with a strong connection to the esoteric side of the world, this audiobook is perfect for you!
Click on the “Add to Cart” button now and delve into the world of Kabbalah and discover ancient Jewish mysticism like never before!
Mari Silva
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