Susan Quinn

Halfway to Better

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Halfway to Better is a collection of short solarpunk stories, each exploring a near-future where we’re struggling to survive the climate crisis and build a better world. These hopeful climate-fiction stories take you from the bottom of the sea to the towers of a bot-filled city, from sparkling labs to flooded lighthouses, all imagining futures halfway to a better world.
The Halfway to Better collection contains six short stories plus a bonus prose-poem, Rewilding Indiana, and its accompanying sky shanty.
If you enjoyed the optimistic climate solutions in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Ministry for the Future or the cozy cooperative future in Becky Chambers’ Monk and Robot series, you will enjoy Halfway to Better.
1 - Slimy Things Did Crawl
2 - Tower Girls
3 - Planting the Shell-Bones
4 - Tombs Without Bodies
5 - The Day We Stopped Burning
6 - I Came Home From Saving the Rainforest
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