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Create A Safe Space for Healing Meditation - energetic preparation for deep healing

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This meditation is aimed at creating a virtual safe place for your healings. Oftentimes, when we had traumas or difficult childhood, it is hard for us to relax and feel safe. This leads to difficulty in our healing journey. Most meditations neglect the fact that we need to protect our psychic energies before opening to the vastness of the universe.

By creating a safe place, you will feel a sense of calmness and support through your support figures. You can access the safe place anytime you want. It is especially beneficial if you do this meditation before your healing and emotional meditations

Through the meditation, you will
Create a safe place through the meditationHave support figures throughout your lifetimeProtect yourself from negative energiesHave a solid ground on your healing journeyFeel peace calm love and abundance
After using this meditation, you can start your healing sessions right away. If you are interested in other healing sessions, please look for our other books.
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