Scott Matthews

500 World War 1 & 2 Facts - Interesting Events & History Information To Win Trivia

Did you know that in 1938, the year before WWII, Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man of The Year? Did you know that at some point during WWI, horse lives were more valuable than human lives? Did you know that British soldiers drank so much tea during WWI, that at some point the military enforced rations of six pints of tea per soldier per day?

During this time the most important events in 20th century history took place and it shaped the course of Europe forever. But few people truly know about all the crazy things that went on during this turbulent time.

From the military trying to train seagulls to ships being made out of concrete, this brilliant fact book explores the wars like never before, delving into the trenches and showcasing the military masterminds, weird and wacky weapons, and unconventional battle strategies that marked this turbulent time in history.

The perfect gift for history-loving kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, this book delves into all the conflicts in the war, including Germany’s disastrous invasion of Russia, the air raids that decimated much of London, and why the US started communicating in the Navajo language.

So discover the famous battles, the military masterminds, and all the experimental weapons that shaped the course of world history and left a profound and lasting mark on modern life and culture.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up download the audio now to discover World War I and II like never before!

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