What Is Biohacking? The Basics & Simple Tips - 20 Minute Fitness #033,

What Is Biohacking? The Basics & Simple Tips - 20 Minute Fitness #033

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You don't have a mainframe or a motherboard...so how could your body possibly be hacked? Well, biohacking isn't actually rewiring the circuits in your brain. Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to ‘hack’ your body’s biology and feel at your personal best.

Really it goes along the same lines as the age-old thought of everything we put into our bodies – foods, thoughts, and movement can affect our behavior. Biohacking yourself will boost your energy levels, allows you to feel more productive and become the best possible version of yourself.

That's why in this week's episode of 20 Minute Fitness we break down some of the basics of biohacking.

Three Things You Will Learn
1.) I'm Not A Robot...So How Can I Be Hacked?
Biohacking is really just a fancy way of saying being a little extra mindful of your body. What you put into it. How much sleep you get. How you move it. It can all be "biohacked".  In this episode, we break down some of the most popular hacks used by the most popular hackers including Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield.

2.) Sleep Like a Baby (Or A BioHacker)
Sleep. It's a fine balance between binging a series into the late hours of the night to oversleeping and feeling groggy all morning. So how do we get our sleep back in sync? Well according to some dedicated hackers and science you can get your circadian rhythm back to the norm with light! Or rather the manipulation of light. Intrigued? Listen on to find out more!

3.) It's All About The Fat
Carbs are out and fat is in. However, it turns out that this nutrition flip may not be just a trend. In fact with some heavy hitting science behind it, fat focused diets (like the Keto diet) may just be here to stay. This is considered a hack because the increase in healthy fat and the decrease in carb intake causes your body to run off a secondary form of energy. A back generator if you will. This secondary source of energy is quite the fat burner. Find out how to torch that body fat with some healthy fat in this episode!




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What Is Biohacking? The Basics & Simple Tips - 20 Minute Fitness #033,
What Is Biohacking? The Basics & Simple Tips - 20 Minute Fitness #033
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