Ardelle Holden

Murder by Bits and Bytes

Murder by Bits and Bytes

Could anything keep the memory of murder and terror buried in the cellar of Samantha's mind?

Ben had promised to unplug this weekend—he would leave the Bach House Vineyards IT project at the office. Samantha showered in the glow of anticipation of this romantic getaway, oblivious to what awaited her. How could she know she would spend it alone?
When Ben glanced at the wine and flowers on the passenger seat with his computer bag, he grinned to himself, knowing he would arrive at the cottage well before Sam with time to get the fireplace crackling and the chill off the sheets. He hoped Gerry would make himself scarce after dropping off his drawings for Sam.
Ben's cell phone buzzed and went to voicemail. Gerry was still there? His voice was jagged; his message cryptic, ending with an abrupt click. Ben shivered.
A creeping sense of foreboding turned Ben's knuckles white as he accelerated through traffic. Something was very, very wrong at the cottage.
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