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Tracy Michigan

Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun

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Whether you have already played craps or want to play craps for the first time, it’s hard to learn how to play when you’re on a live game. Craps is fast-paced, which leaves little time for casino staff or even your buddies to tell you what is going on.
The author of Get Dicey wrote this book for all players. As a craps dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada, the author introduced countless people to the game, but a busy casino is no place to try and explain how to play craps. Now, in Get Dicey, everything about craps is revealed. It’s all true.
Going to a casino is about having fun. Of course winning is the most fun, but you also want to fit into the exciting atmosphere. The game of craps is steeped in tradition and there are points of etiquette to observe as a matter of politeness to other players. Also, because craps is such a hands-on game for the players, there are rules the casino will enforce. It’s best to know them.
In fact, the craps scene is so interesting, the chapter from Get Dicey about game etiquette and protocol was featured in Midwest Gaming & Travel magazine.
This 2 hour and 40 minute audiobook goes through every bet on the table chapter by chapter. Get Dicey then provides detailed instructions for advanced forms of craps play known as power pressing. An entire chapter is dedicated to the mathematics of probability to explain the house advantages on every bet so that you can understand which bets have the least house advantage and which ones are nearly guaranteed to take your money.
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