Emory Green

Proven Psychological Manipulation Techniques: Guiltless Guide into the Psychology of How Cunning People Get What They Want. How to Play Secret Dark Games to Seize Control and Always Win


Reveal the Dark Side of Human Nature and Discover How Effective Manipulation Works!

Would you like to gain a better understanding of the human mind so you can protect yourself and your loved ones from psychological attacks?

Do you want the power to dodge malicious schemes?

With knowledge comes power. And here we’re not talking about powers of deception, but the power of true understanding.

Only when you’re equipped with the knowledge, you stand a chance against dark forces and minds. Understanding human nature will help you stay one step ahead. You will be able to dodge manipulators and their schemes because you will recognize them the moment they walk in.

This book covers the following topics:

The philosophical perspective on manipulation

The eternal fight between good and evil in the human mind

Specific manipulative ploys to keep an eye on

How to deal with the effects of manipulation

Choosing the right mindset towards the light

And more!

You would be surprised to learn how many of the world’s most famous CEOs are psychopaths. Their power and manipulative effect lies in their ability to hide.

With this book, you will delve deep into the nature of the human mind, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. You will come out on the other side stronger, sharper, and ready to take on just about any challenge that comes your way!

Here’s your invitation to the dark side. See it for what it truly is!
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