Eetu J. Griffith

Outfox the Fox: Understanding Manipulation: Learn the Hidden Secrets of Power and Influence

Outfox the Fox, Understanding Manipulation
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to possess great power over others as if they just get other people to do what they want them to do? It's known as manipulation. We are very much social creatures. Our lives revolve around the ability to create relationships with people. After all, each of us is a manipulator in a certain way, it is merely natural for us. However, in this book, you'll learn about the toxic ones. The types that exploit human nature at their will and who know how to hide their deceptive act. Like a sly fox, they go unseen to pursue their desires. Level the playing field by understanding the art of manipulation.

Here's what you'll discover about manipulation:
Con artists, tricks and examplesMass level manipulationDifferent principles to avoid itPersuasive deception and seductive manipulationHow to spot it
This book consists of well known real-life instances and timeless principles
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