Jim Michaels

Fitness Magic - HIIT

Fitness magic. Don't you wish there was some? Don't you wish you wish you could say goodbye to all the boring time consuming exercises you're torturing yourself with now?
Don't you wish you could tell the treadmill to take a hike? Say push off to push ups?
If you've been wishing for any of those things - I've got good news for you.
There IS "Fitness Magic" - it's called HIIT - short for High Intensity Interval Training.
"Oh no." I can hear you say -" Not ENOUGH training! I can barely fit the exercise program I have into my busy schedule."
Not to worry HIIT takes a maximum of only 30 minutes per session. And, here's the best part - You don't do it every day!
HIIT will give you all the benefits you need and expect from a complete exercise regime. Including increased cardiovascular health and endurance.
Now, in this book, renowned Fitness Trainer Jim Michaels guides you to the body and health you've only before dreamed of - with the Fitness Magic of HIIT.
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