Mark J. Wayne

Posture: Learn How To Have A Power Posture That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals In Life

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to achieve your goals?
Does your posture play a significant part in your failure?
Do you want to learn the secrets of getting what you want?
Achieving goals in life can be hard work. Usually there will be some other force, perhaps another person, that is in the way and prevents you from your dream. For some people, overcoming these barriers comes as second nature. But what if aren’t like that?
Inside the pages of this book, Posture: Learn How to Have a Power Posture That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals in Life, you will learn that your body is one of the most powerful tools you possess, with chapters that include:
- Persuasion Basics
- Know How To Pick Your Battles
- Know What You Want The Outcome To Be
- Empathize And Identify With Who you Are Speaking To
- Speak Confidently
- The Importance Of Learning From Your Encounter
By learning the tips and techniques contained inside Posture, you will soon be on the way to being more assertive when it comes to negotiating what you want from life.
Get a copy and start learning now!
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