Kendall Arrison

The Keto Collagen Diet

Do you want to lose weight at the same time have healthy skin, nails, and hair? Or are you already doing Keto Diet and you want more improvement to your overall health? Are you at that point where you felt like aging hits you?

No matter where you are or what you are doing right now, you can do something about it. Most Keto books out there will only tell you to eat more fat and less carbs. Yes, I agree with them but I think there is a much optimal way to do Keto Diet. It is not only about eating bacon, eggs, cheese, and avocado all day. If you are doing this kind of Keto Diet, you might be doing it the wrong way!

Here are a few of what you will learn from this book:
At what age does our body’s collagen production will start to deteriorate rapidly?How this forgotten food, consumed by our ancestors, will help you boost your collagen?Quick and easy recipes to boost your Collagen on Keto DietHow to incorporate Bone Broth if you are doing Intermittent FastingHow to do Keto Diet the clean way
Even if you are already on Keto Diet or not, you can apply all the lessons in this book to your Keto Journey. This is like a Keto Diet on steroids because of the benefits that you will get from incorporating Collagen Diet. Collagen is something not only older people need, everyone needs it. Even if you are on your 20’s, 30’s, or higher. If you think you don’t need it yet because you are young, think again. Do you want to wait until you reach that age where your body’s collagen production starts to decline?

If you are curious to learn everything that I have mentioned, you have to read this book!
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