Frank Burch Brown

Epigenetics for Beginners and Intermediate (2 Books in 1) New Version

You Are About To Develop A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Concept Of Epigenetics, Its Place In Modern Day Medicine, And Health Optimization And Why It Is Literally Changing How We Approach The Treatment Of Various Health Problems!Here is a bit of what you’ll learn from this 2 in 1 book:What epigenetics are, why they’re important and how they workHow epigenetics relate with our experiencesThe difference between the DNA, gene and chromosomesThe existing evidence of epigenetic changes, including in transgenerational epigenetic inheritanceThe ins and outs of epigenetics mechanismsThe effect of epigenetic control in transcriptional regulation in pluripotency and early differentiation, DNA methylation and Demethylation, nucleosome remodeling and chromatin loopingHow epigenetics work at the molecular level and the effect of DNA damage in epigenetic changeThe functions of epigenetics, and how they boost mindfulness training, healthy eating and exerciseHow epigenetic therapy and modifications affects diabetic retinopathy, emotional disorders, cardiac dysfunction, cancer and schizophrenia, mesothelioma and many moreHow epigenetic modifications are used in understanding plant and animal evolutionHow epigenetic mechanisms are used in understanding human adaptation, boosting memory formation, growth and reinforcing infant neurobehavior.The role of epigenetic mechanisms in maternal careModulation of epigenetic marks by environmental exposures…And so much more!
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