Viki Storm

Claimed by the Alien Mercenary

One more job and I'm out. I'm done with this lousy planet. Deliver the human female to the Imperator of Fenda so he can have an exotic new addition to his royal harem.
But I can't get enough of her. This feisty little human has the spirit of a true Zalaryn warrior.
Just my luck. I've been blessed with a bonded mate—and she's the property of another male.
I don't care what the law says: she's mine.
I've got a plan. And I can't wait to claim my prize . . .
I suppose this spaceship is better than rotting in an Earth jail cell. Because that's where I belong. I'm a thief. A killer. Trust means nothing to me . . . unless I can use it to get what I want.
This alien mercenary thinks he can tame me, thinks he can use me as a pawn in this intergalactic war? Let him try.
He's making me sweet promises, but too bad for him, I know how this game is played. I know the rules. And I know how to win.
If I want to get off this planet, I have no choice but to trust him.
But when he tells me that I'm his bonded mate, I realize that maybe this isn't a game after all. Maybe it's something much, much more . . .
Contains mature themes.
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