Louisa May Alcott

Lost in a Pyramid

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When Paul Forsyth and his archeologist friend Professor Niles are exploring the Cheops pyramid in Egypt, they become separated from their guide and lose their way in the labyrinthine tunnel network. Finding themselves close to a female mummy, they decide to create a fire using the wooden case in the hope of attracting the attention of the Egyptian guides.

Professor Niles is keen to unwrap the mummy and see what items may have been hidden in the bandages. They do indeed find of which is a golden box containing some mysterious seeds...and another is a scrap of parchment casting a curse on anyone who disturbs the rest of the mummy, who in life had been a sorceress. Shortly afterwards, Forsyth and Niles are rescued...but as they discover over the following months, the curse of the mummy has been irrevocably unleashed....


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