David Hearne

Paddy, Go Easy! What Happens When You Hit And Run?

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Living in a sleepy Queensland country town named Rosewood, Paddy is one of the local 'bad boys' and even at a young age, has a history of getting on the wrong side of the law. Already with a record for drink driving he runs down a cyclist while, as luck would have it, being sober.

Afraid that he'll be presumed guilty with no judge or jury in the state believing otherwise, he flees the scene and goes to ground. Police investigating should have an open-and-shut case, yet two questions remain.

Why did she turn in front of him? Did the collision kill her or ... did someone else come back to finish the job?

With the help of a young boy named Charlie, who could be his friend or his foe, Paddy must find out what really happened as he determines to grow up and put things right.

Based on the award-winning screenplay.
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