Jason D. Lipsey

Workbook For Couple The Ultimate Guide for Couples: Building a Better Relationship Through Body Language and Dark Psychology

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Would you like to improve your relationship with your other half?
Would a knowledge of body language and dark psychology help you to achieve it?
This book provides a great platform for you to build a stronger relationship!
Being in a relationship that is successful means an element of hard work and requires skill that not every one of us possesses. For those who have a strong and stable relationship the rewards are great, but what about those who struggle to maintain this? If they need help, where can it be found?
The new concept, Workbook for Couples provides plenty of information for those who would like to have that satisfying bond and provides chapters that cover:
 The psychology of men and women and where they differ
 How our minds work in relationship situations
 Recognizing non-verbal signals
 Stereotypes of men and women
 Love and its place in family life
 Sexuality
 How to attract the opposite sex
 And more…
It is hard-wired into us as human beings that having a relationship is one of the cornerstones of life. But there has been no way of teaching us how we achieve the stability in that relationship, until now.
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