Jay Laurson

Psychology 101

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How to uncover the inner workings of the human mind to expand your influence, all while learning the art of subtle manipulation.

Our brains are incredible. They weigh around 3 pounds, contain 86 billion neurons, and at any given time the majority of the inner workings are active and functioning. Despite all of this, our brains are very easily tricked. They may be complex, but they’re rather like machines that, given certain input, will produce an expected output. Do you want to know more about the psychology of the human mind not just for educational purposes, but to be more effective in life? Are you curious about what and how people think and want to be able to read minds? Has hypnotism always fascinated you; not for its entertainment value, but for the mastery over the mind that it requires? Psychology is more than just an introductory class you take in college to get a few easy credits. It is a well-researched discipline that attempts to make sense of the complex brain and apply that knowledge to practical applications. In Psychology 101, you’ll learn not only the basics of how the human brain functions, but how to use that knowledge for your benefit. Psychology techniques can help you influence not only yourself, but those around you. With the right application and under the right circumstances, you can uncover what people aren’t telling you, improve your conversational and leadership skills, and become a master at understanding and guiding human behavior. In addition, you’ll discover:

●The history of psychology and how we know what we know

●The basics of mind-reading and why it’s not quite as complicated as you might imagine

●How hypnosis can be used not only on others, but on yourself as well

●The ethics of using deceptions and neuro-linguistic programming

●How to use psychology strategies and techniques in the real world And so much more!

If you’re ready to learn the art of manipulation, deception, and mind-reading, click “add to cart.”

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