Audrey Ashwood,Emmi West

No Lord Desired

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A gentleman of noble descent.
A young woman who has renounced all noblemen.
A secret that may change everything.

Lady Felicity knows exactly what she does not want. Since she was bitterly betrayed by a noble, she has vowed to stay away from any blue-blooded man. Even for Lord Layton, one of London’s most sought-after bachelors, she feels nothing but disdain, even though both families would favour a marriage between them.
No ‘peacocky’ lord should, nor will, ever conquer her heart – for that already belongs to another man: To the brave, masked stranger who steps into the ring in the sinful and filthy drinking holes of Whitechapel. No one has ever seen his face.
Since he became Felicity’s saviour late at night in the city’s dark depths, the young woman has lost her heart, and a marriage to Lord Layton is less likely than ever before.
When a threat emerges from Felicity’s past, her mysterious hero is the only one she can turn to, and he becomes her closest ally…
But how will Lady Felicity react when she finds out who is hiding behind the mask?

Dramatic – suspenseful – heart-warming. A traditional romance novel that takes place in the midst of the colourful Regency era. An ideal read for anyone who loves courageous heroines, as well as confident and strong heroes.
Sweet regency romance novel. No cliffhanger. Can be read as a standalone.
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