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Summary of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Why Do The Rich Gets Richer and The Poor Gets Poorer?
This book will spill the secrets of why the rich are always getting richer and why the poor will usually be getting poorer.
No. It’s not black and white.
It’s just statistics and averages.
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was originally published in 1997.
Back then, it was a highly controversial book. Ideas like your house is your liability and how Robert Kiyosaki defines assets and liabilities was highly debated on back then. Why?
That is, as we all know, history. Today, many self-made millionaires and multi-millionaires’ credits Rich Dad Poor Dad for the paradigm shift that a formal education could never achieve.
Rich Dad Poor Dad is the #1 finance book for years after years for good reasons. You’ll find out why most people will never get out of the rat race in their lifetime and how you can become financially free one day.
Here’s what you’ll discover…
--- Chapter 1: The Importance of Making Money Your Slave (something your teachers never taught you)
--- Chapter 2: Getting to Know Your Money (things we never learn in school)
--- Chapter 3: How to Work for Yourself and Not Someone Else
--- Chapter 4: Basics of Taxes and How to Reduce Them… Legally
--- Chapter 5: How to Create Money
--- Chapter 6: Learning to Learn
--- Chapter 7: Fear and How to Conquer it
--- And so much more.
If you’re ready to discover and become a Master of a subject that will not only help you in getting a better life but superior business deals, click on the Buy Now button and start reading this summary book now!
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