Orsi Manish

How to Write eBooks

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This audiobook, "How to Write eBooks" is the 2nd Edition of Writing eBooks in 2020. This book will Guide You to Write your own eBook to Publish it on Google Play Store or Kindle. This Book has been Designed to Make you Comfortable with Content Writing, Editing and Publishing. If You are willing to write your Book whether it is an eBook or a paperback edition, this eBook is going to guide you to write your first book from Writing, editing to Publishing on any of the available platforms like Google playbooks or Amazon kindle Publishing. This Book covers what tools will be used to compile your eBook to give it the perfect design so that it becomes professional. In this eBook, You will also find what steps you should take while writing your first book. This Book is little bit smaller but never think there is any lack of information in it. Even little but important things which are important for authors and Bloggers like Plagiarism. Listen to This Audiobook and write & Publish your First eBook.
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