Daniel Thomas Valente

The Sins of Kings

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"Captivating fantasy novel brimming with magic, mystery, and intrigue." Booklife by Publishers Weekly
In a kingdom fraught with power struggles, an outside force threatens to undermine the centuries-long reign of the Graymere family. At the center of the emerging conflict are young Darrin and Princess Edlen. Darrin desires to overcome the stain of his family history and rise in the ranks of the Eyes of the Forest, a group of men sworn to protect the vast forests of Onyris. Meanwhile Princess Edlen, though deeply loyal to her friends, attempts to thwart the control her royal family holds over her life by sneaking about disguised as a peasant. When a neighboring kingdom conspires against the realm, Darrin and Edlen must fight to not only survive, but pave a way forward - despite the wishes of the mercurial tempered gods and a mysterious organization known as the Voress Ní. Can they survive the ensuing chaos, or will they too be felled by forces greater than themselves?
Written on a panoramic scale, The Sins of Kings is epic fantasy at its best—a beguiling epic by a promising new voice that isn’t afraid to explore themes of prejudice, power, and magic all in one sweeping adventure.
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