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The Hidden Ways of Hope Reborn: Calm Story for Anxiety Relief, Inner Strength and Motivation

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A new hour comes, and calls of hope and wisdom are waiting to be heard. Will you listen to them?
From the author of The Secret Tale of Starlit Dreams now comes a new story, touched with a heartfelt depth. In The Hidden Ways of Hope Reborn, a visual and musical journey ensues, enfolding the listener with perspectives and reflections that evoke an ancient strength of character. Atmospheric scenery and sights calm the nervous system, engaging the imagination, leading up to the unfolding of a grand story - a story based on true events that has moved countless hearts and has left an imprint in the consciousness of humanity. From thereon visions of the wider cosmos unfold as you listen to the softly spoken words. Narrated by James Mooney, whose voice, born out of the northern lands, possesses a quality of a noble semblance, making this experience all the more immersive and memorable.
Specifically, this audiobook will:
Induce Alpha and Theta Brain Waves calming the mind and dispersing anxietiesTell a visually rich story suffused with evocative musicImpart a fresh liveliness to your unrealized dreamsLight up your motivation to achieve moreLeave you feeling relaxed, inspired, and empoweredThis is a storytelling alight with the spirit of poetry, from start to finish, that imparts to the listener energies of higher inspirations and a new vigor of ambition, while all the while the music interweaves along the spoken words and features angelic choirs and lush orchestral instrumentation.
Come and see the visions it evokes and feel the exalted strength of the soul. This is your moment and this experience is here, for you.
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