Christopher Lee Philips

Bermuda Spy Angle: How Bermuda's "Censorettes" Made a Nest of Spies Disappear

The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for making things disappear. Cosmic theorists and supernatural sensationalists would have us believe that planes, trains, and automobiles, perhaps even a few companies from the dot-com era, have been zapped through the vortex and into another dimension near the Atlantic island chain some 640 miles east south-east off the North Carolina coast. True, there are some well-documented disappearances, many with practical explanations; unlucky amateur sailors ill-prepared for bad weather, rusted-out cargo ships, a squadron of U.S. Navy torpedo bombers whose navigators, rumor has it, were on a training mission misdirected by Army Intelligence. However, little attention has been paid to the disappearance during World War II of thousands of pieces of transatlantic mail, much of it carried by Pan American Airlines’ giant flying boats. The fate of all those cards and letters has only one explanation: the Bermuda Spy Angle.
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