Dan Barton


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Danger finds comedian Biff Kincaid once again in this novella set in the high-stakes world of late night talk shows. For years Biff’s friend Lonnie Udall has been the sidekick to Doug Easton, host of Last Laughs, television’s top-rated late night talk show. When Biff accepts a gig as Lonnie’s opening act at a Palm Springs casino, he thinks he’s in for a lucrative week of sold-out stand-up shows. The first night goes well, but the next morning Lonnie is nowhere to be found. Desperate to find his missing second banana before he has to tape the next episode of Last Laughs that night, Doug turns to Biff for help. With only a few hours until airtime, Biff has to find Lonnie and deliver him back to Hollywood. Biff knows there’s a secret reason Lonnie’s gone AWOL, and uncovering it could lead to curtains for Lonnie’s career—and Biff’s life! From the author of KILLER MATERIAL, HECKLER, and DUMMY.
Dan Barton
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